The History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art Project.



The History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art Project collects essays and images from artists, scientists, art historians, people shaping the museum and gallery display and those who influenced these disciplines, which reflects the unfolding of computer art due to technical achievements (hardware, software, languages, etc).
Anna Ursyn and Terrence Masson.



An Artist Profile, Romanian TV Channel 1 and International, 30 minutes. Producer Marilena Rotaru.



An Artist Profile, TV Channel 16, 3 episods 30 minutes ea. New York.



About “Sigma 9” of Bordeaux with Georges Charbonnier about “Sigma 9” of Bordeaux, Radio France.

An Artist Profile, Romanian Radio and TV, with Liviu Oprescu about Epuré's installation and personal exhibition at The New Gallery, Bucharest.