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The shells,

are the central image in my work.

For me they are the Perfect Universe
I choose te enjoy and paint with pleasure.

My paintings can be considered acts of fidelity to the beauty inherent in life; to the old masters; to purity and innocence; to the craft and to the Shells themselves.

Why Shells? Because l love them dearly.

The famous Sufi poet Rumi said:
"Let the beauty we love be what we do". There are hundreds of ways to
kneel and kiss the ground.

It might be asked: why concentrate on
only one subject?
It is precisely this limitation that allows
me more clarity in expression and more creativity in finding my own forms.

As in a sonata or in a sonnet, the economy of means results in a greater focus on what I want to say: diaphanous stillness, balance and depth in a ambient of pictorial poetry.

For me, the Shells are
animated presences.

Their reality is the visual
dialog between shapes and hues,
lights and textures.

I prefer to contemplate a reconciled world,
untroubled, in a state of detachment and inner harmony as an alternative refuge
to our agitated life.

Letitzia Bucur

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